Taylor Before And After Breakup


We all know Taylor is so popular in the music industry, but not so lucky when it comes to love. Her relationships are inspiring for her and we can find mentions of them in her songs. Her last breakup has been tough, maybe this time you can help her out. We've all been through a similar experience at least once, so maybe you girls have some tips for her. Play this celebrity game called Taylor Before And After Breakup and help Taylor get over her recent breakup with girly activities! Start this cute game by choosing a song to describe her feelings after the recent breakup. You can choose a song according to the after stages of a breakup. Choose a cozy outfit to stay in adn enjoy her free time. It would we awesome if you can find one of Taylor's kitties to maker her feel better. Now that Taylor is ready to move on, prep up her fashion look for the next event. Choose a dazzling glittery dress with a a glam bag. Then go on and make her even more pretty with a fabulous makeup. Have fun here with this cool celebrity!