Dorothys Adventures In Oz


Discover Dorothy's Adventures In Oz in this fun storybook and make sure she gets the happy ending she deserves! Dorothy is a young girl who was taken from her home in Kansas by a tornado and ended up in a mysterious land called Oz. She only wanted to get home and she has heard that in Oz there was a wizard who would be able to help her. So she went on in the search for the yellow brick road which would lead to Emerald City. On the way she also encountered three companions. The Scarecrow, The Tin Man and The Cowardly Lion.  But the road was not easy, because there was a Wicked Witch in the way, always causing trouble. A witch can only be defeated by magic, so Dorothy decided to create a magic potion. Help her get it right and melt the wickedness.  Now all that's left for Dorothy is to be presentable before the Wizard. She should choose a cute dress and accessorize it with beautiful glittery shoes and maybe a basket of flowers. Now she is ready to continue her journey. This will not be the end of her adventures for sure! Enjoy this lovely game!