Disney Palace Pets Maker


Meet the cutest pets ever each one belonging to a Disney princess that we know you absolutely love! Have fun playing Disney Palace Pets Maker and make your own version of a cuddling kitty to adore for days. Get inspired by the Disney world and make your own furry tail friend resembling to either Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Tiana, Aurora or Snow White. Choose the loveliest pose for your kitty while picking up the type of head and body you want. Then add the color of the eyes to express the cutest feelings. After you complete your version of dreamed kitty, you can start by adding lovely accessories. You can browse on the categories to find personalized items for each Disney princess and you can add them for your pet. We all know that play defines each kitty out there, so you must find the most playful items for your pet as well. Choose from a ball of yarn, a fish bone, a Pascal plush toy or maybe a cute balloon with the Chesire cat from Alice in Wonderland. Stay as long as you want playing Disney Palace Pets Maker and hit the replay version to create another super cute kitty. Enjoy it!