Disney High School Love HTML5


High School is the time for making memories for a lifetime! After all, you will never be as careless and free as you will be in high school. Spending time with all of your childhood friends, talking and having fun every day sound like an amazing time! And of course, what is high school without a crush? You know, liking that cute, tall boy who sometimes smiles at you during math. Yes, that’s high school, and not even out lovely Disney Princesses can escape that wonderful but at times tormenting high school crush. Rapunzel, Ariel and Cinderella are attending the same high school and they are BFFs in this new Joio game called Disney High School Love. The first stage of the game requires you to help the girls get ready for school so dress them in the coolest outfits. Take a selfie afterwards to immortalize the moment. Next, help one of the princesses to get the boy of her dreams. First help her write a letter and make it look really nice and romantic. Once her crush gets it, see if the two of them are meant to be together by answering some questions to determine that. Fingers crossed it all works out! Have fun with this amazing, fun new Joio game called Disney High School Love.