Cutezee And Super Barbie BFF Night


Did you know that Cutezee and Super Barbie are best friends? Since their first meeting, the lovely girls are inseparable! This spring, the girls are up for no good and want to have real fun like BFFs normally do. In this fun new game Cutezee And Super Barbie BFF Night, Cutezee and Super Barbie are planning a fun night in order to share some sweet memories in their BFF photo album. They will start by going to a photo booth at the mall and make some crazy fun pictures. Then, a pizza night is perfect because this is one of their favorite foods. The girls will end the night in a relaxing way by going to the cinema. Make sure the girls dress according to each location so they feel comfortably chic in their lovely outfits. By the end, their BFF photo album will be complete with fun pictures!