Tina Fashion Day


Hey girls, today it is an important day for Tiana. She is hosting the fashion week at the college and today she must make a speech. Tiana is one of the most popular college students and she's expected to look fabulous on this fashion week ending ceremony. She is very nervous and has no idea what to wear for this special occasion. She could really use your help and in this new game called Tina Fashion Day you will be her fashion adviser. She must wear an elegant classy dress matched with a fabulous pair of shoes, and she also needs to get her hair done. Firstly, you will have to help her pick the perfect dress, such as a short green or yellow dress. Then you need to choose a hairdo that matches Tiana's dress and finally, you will have to accessorize her outfit. Make sure that Tiana will shine on this day! Have fun playing this new game called Tiana Fashion Day!