Superhero Doll Real Makeover


Super girls need their beauty treatments in order to be always fresh and ready for new challenges out there. Barbie is one of the super women that saves the world, but also cares much at her beauty and spa treatment. Start by applying a special face mask that will cleanse the pores and make the skin smoother. Make sure Barbie has no pimples and her face is very clean. Use water to eliminate the remains and then make her eyebrows look perfect by using tweezers. You can also use a mask made of homemade ingredients and wait a couple of minutes for a nice effect. Now Barbie is ready for a super make up! You can choose the color of the eye shadow, use a facial glittery drawing and change the color of her eyes. This super makeover needs a special outfit, so make sure you select something fabulous! Have a wonderful time playing Super Barbie Real Makeover!