Sisters Back To School


Play Sisters Back To School and help Anna and Elsa get the perfect look for a new year in high school! It's the morning of and they have to find all the things they need fast. Help them look around the room for their notebooks, study books, pens, bags, phone and other tools. Then pick an outfit for each of them. For Anna you can choose a pink shirt dress, a silver dress with a pleaded skirt and a white collar or a white shirt and a pink plaid skirt. Accessorize her look with a blue schoolbag, glasses, cute stockings and comfy shoes. For Elsa you can choose a glittery blue dress, a yellow sweater over a shirt and a green skirt or a purple blouse, white scarf and a purple skirt with flower prints and a bow on the side. Accessories are important for her too. Have a lot of fun!