Ruby's Dressing Room


Hey girls, meet cute Ruby. She is spending a weekend in New York at her aunt and Ruby can’t wait to go out and visit this amazing city. She doesn't have friends here so maybe you could keep her some company. Ruby has a great passion for fashion and she can’t wait to go out shopping. In this new Ruby's Dressing Room you can join her on an amazing shopping spree in the city and help her prep up for it. Ruby has a great dressing room and you can take a look inside to help her make different combinations and create an amazing outfit. She has so many fashionable dresses, chic skirts, cute tops and a collection of elegant classy jackets. Ruby wants a sparkly look so maybe you will find something chic and glitzy for her to wear. After you accessorize her outfit, you girls can go out and have a fun shopping day. Enjoy playing this new Ruby's Dressing Room game!