Princesses High School Crush HTML5


Highschool is such a fun and carefree time in all of our lives. We get to enjoy ourselves and just hang out and have fun with our friends and Ariel loves her highschool very much. She has so many friends there and recently she was introduces to handsome Eric by one of her friends. She has a huge crush on him so she has decided that she needs to grab his attention by dressing up to impress. She needs someone to help her decide which outfits are the most beautiful and we think you will love to help her by playing  Highschool Crush here on our website. You will have to create two outfits to impress handsome Eric so choose the cutest ones and then accessorize. Once Eric is smitten with her dress her up in an elegant ballgown and make sure she looks amazing! Have fun playing Highschool Crush!