Princesses Celebrity Life


Cruella DeVille is the editor to one of the most famous fashion magazines and she has requested that new photos of everyone’s favorite celebrities Elsa, Cinderella and Jasmine be taken so she can create a new and interesting fashion article for her magazine. Would you like to be part of this fun project? Play Princesses Celebrity Life and start by taking pictures of the girls. You will have to be quick so make sure that you snap enough pictures for Cruella to publish in her magazine. Once you have the pictures go ahead and help Elsa, Cinderella and Jasmine get ready for the red carpet. The girls will have to look amazing so make sure that you choose the most glamorous dresses. Pair them with statement jewelry and other glam accessories like lace gloves and flowers. The red carpet pictures will complete Cruella’s article and the girl’s style will shine once again. Have fun playing Princesses Celebrity Life!