Mermaid Princess Real Haircuts


Oh no! It looks like Ariel is having a bad hair day and she isn't very happy about it. On top of that, she has to meet her mermaid friends this afternoon and she needs to look real splendid. Can you give Ariel a real super cool haircut to look fabulous? I am sure she will appreciate it very much and it will be lots of fun! So let's begin! First, make sure you brush Ariel's beautiful long red hair so that it's easier to play with. Then, you can cut only the split ends so that the hair looks healthy and curl it a bit to look beautiful. And if Ariel wants to make a couple of brighter highlights, you can help her with that too. After you are done with the haircut part, you can move on accessorizing Ariel's new haircut with some awesome star fish hairpins and choose a gorgeous top and jewels. Enjoy Mermaid Princess Real Haircuts!